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Line 2 subway extension to Scarborough

Wikipedia October 27, 2014
In progress
Apr 2017

Subway relief the entire city can get behind: Micallef

Toronto Star April 17, 2017

Toronto’s 100-year-long dream of the Downtown Relief Line is finally gaining momentum.

Good transit news sounds like an oxymoron in this city, but after a few years of excruciating debate over planes, trains and automobiles, there is something the entire city can get behind: the Downtown Relief Line (DRL).

Long the subway dream of Toronto transit optimists and planners, the DRL is finally gaining momentum. After burning billions-worth of his political capital (and, soon, lots of your dollar bill capital) to make Rob and Doug Ford’s one stop Scarborough subway a reality, Mayor John Tory has been holding press conferences calling on Queen’s Park to help fund the DRL.

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