Express buses

Aug 2017

Toronto moving ahead with plan to expand TTC express bus routes

Global News August 29, 2017

There are known bus routes in Toronto where the majority of riders during peak times are headed to one or two key destinations from one or two embarkation points. Rather than force these already crowded buses to make a number of additional stops, implementing express service on some routes would move these passengers to their destination faster and separate shorter distance commuters from the volume of longer distance travelers at peak times. The additional service would not cut service along existing routes but simply provide an express service for a segment of travelers that can be moved much quicker if fewer stops are made en route. Examples, which have been discussed, include, Don Mills Road, Dufferin Street and Front Street/Liberty Village. It would be similar to the GO train express service: Lakeshore West riders, for example, can take an express train from Union Station directly to Oakville, or they can take a regular train that stops several times before Oakville. Separating these travelers has meant improved travel times for longer distance commuters and improved service for shorter distance commuters who now have more room on these routes.