Code of Conduct

Provide leadership for the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. City Council has decided to pursue this strategy. Tory will follow through on the pledge he signed to work towards the detailed provisions of the strategy, including developing goals and timetables.

In progress
Aug 2015

Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy

City of Toronto August 23, 2015

The Strategy sets out three overarching objectives focused on the effects, trajectories, and causes of poverty, namely: Address immediate needs: ensure that essential services are effective, well-funded, coordinated, and meet the needs of those living in poverty.

Create pathways to prosperity: improve the quality of jobs in the city, attract investments to low income areas, and ensure that City programs and services are integrated, client-centered, and focused on early intervention.

Drive Systemic Change: Create a more accountable and participatory government, where reducing poverty and inequality is an integral part of day-to-day business.

The work has already begun. While this strategy was being developed, funding was allocated in the 2015 budget to undertake some immediate measures to address poverty in Toronto.