Tory will work with City Council and the provincial government (legislation may be necessary) to ensure that a significant amount of Section 37 funds are used for retention or new construction of affordable housing. Section 37 funds result from increased heights or densities on re-zoning applications – largely from condo development in the downtown area. Funds are used for local amenities on or near the site of the re-zoning.

Sep 2016

How Section 37 Funds Work (And Don’t Work)

Torontoist September 20, 2016

the City’s zoning bylaw limits how tall or how dense a development can be. Section 37 says that if a development exceeds those limits, the developer can make an agreement with the municipal government to provide or pay for some kind of community benefit for the ward in return. It’s the local councillor’s job to negotiate with the developer and the community to find something that works for everyone.