Tory will work with the not-for-profit and co-op housing sectors, as well as private sector developers, to develop long-term solutions to both the retention and provision of affordable housing for Toronto. He will also promote the consideration of social impact bonds.

Apr 2017

Mayor’s Roundtable Less About Affordable Housing, More About Real Estate

Torontoist April 05, 2017

Addressing media, Tory focused largely on driving investment, adding to the city’s housing supply, and a possible vacant-home tax, and reiterated several times that he is “not interested in measures which create the false impression of an instant, total solution.” It will be critical to entice more private and public sector investors to buy into the city’s purpose-built rental market, Tory said, naming the federal and provincial pension funds as possible investors. And he expressed the need to make it as easy as possible for developers to “build housing, especially affordable rental housing, but housing of all kinds.” It was one of the few times he specifically mentioned affordable housing.