Support a National Housing Strategy. Tory will work with the federal and provincial government, as well as other Mayors and municipal associations, such as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, to advance a National Housing Strategy.

Sep 2016

Mayor John Tory, big-city mayors demand $12.6 billion for housing No promises coming yet from federal, provincial ministers meeting at Friday’s summit.

The STAR September 30, 2016

Residents facing ouster from crumbing social housing units or years on a list for an affordable home will continue waiting for a government commitment to long-term stable funding. Federal and provincial ministers meeting at a summit on Friday made no immediate promises. But the federal government promised that the roll-out of infrastructure money is just the start of a reinvestment by Ottawa in housing.

“There’s been a decade of underinvestment and lack of partnership with cities,” Liberal MP and former Toronto councillor Adam Vaughan told reporters following a morning of housing talk in Regent Park. “We have changed that fundamentally by putting the new money on the table in 2016. It’s a down-payment for the national housing strategy. We are back in the game federally on housing.”

As Tory has settled into a message that the city’s housing crisis is an issue “for a generation,” Toronto’s mayor said Friday it’s a need that cannot wait. “If you have to look people in the eye who are the most vulnerable and say, ‘Sorry, your housing is closing down because it hasn’t been repaired, because we didn’t have the money,’ or you have to look a whole generation in the eye and say, ‘Sorry, you can’t afford to live here, whether you rent or own,’ then that is a huge problem,” he said.